Lord Mayor of London announces support for Morph Art Trail in the capital this Summer

The Lord Mayor of London, Nicholas Lyons, is proud to announce his full support for Morph’s Epic Art Adventure

As a passionate advocate for the arts and philanthropy, the Lord Mayor of London recognises the significant impact that such initiatives can have on communities. By supporting the Morph Art Trail, the Lord Mayor aims to promote artistic expression, cultural diversity, and a stronger sense of community engagement within the vibrant city of London whilst raising awareness of the need for better access and inclusion for young wheelchair users.

"I am delighted to lend my support to Morph's Epic Art Adventure in London," said Lord Mayor Nichols Lyons.

"Art has the remarkable ability to inspire, uplift, and bring people together. This trail will not only showcase the incredible talent of artists but also enrich the cultural fabric of our city, allowing everyone to experience the magic of art in their everyday lives whilst prompting conversations about diversity and inclusion for wheelchair users."

As part of Morph’s Epic Art Adventure in London, Whizz Kidz will is using the art trail to encourage the public, business community and young people to envision what a more inclusive world might look like for young wheelchair users, and what role they might wish to play in making this a reality. There are around 75,000 young wheelchair users across the UK. Many of whom are unable to access the right equipment and support to meet their needs, and who struggle to participate equally in cultural events and social activities due to poor accessibility and inclusion.

Sarah Pugh, Chief Executive at Whizz Kidz said;

"It is fantastic that the Lord Mayor of London is supporting our step-free art trail. His support highlights the importance of art in fostering creativity, inclusivity, and community engagement. We believe that this trail will leave a lasting impact on Londoners, inspiring them to embrace the transformative power of art in their lives. London provides a breathtaking backdrop for these incredible sculptures whilst raising awareness about our charity's cause. We strongly believe in the power of art to bring about positive change, and this project is a wonderful way to draw attention to our mission and impact more lives.

“At Whizz Kidz, we understand that having the right piece for equipment could change a young person’s life forever because it provides emotional well-being, confidence and helps reduce social anxiety as it enables young wheelchair users to take part in more activities. This trail means that the whole family can get involved and enjoy a summer holiday experience all together. However, it is much more than that - our vision is to create a society in which every young wheelchair user is mobile, enabled and included."

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