Setting up a Boccia Club

Shenstone School in Dartford

Shenstone School, based in Dartford, applied to Whizz-Kidz for a Community Change Fund to set up their very own Boccia Club a school. Boccia is a totally inclusive target sport that can be played by anyone regardless of age, gender, ability or disability. The school have five students who are wheelchair users and a further 5 who use a mixture of wheelchairs and kaye frames.

By setting up a Boccia club planned to enable young people to develop an interest in sport and meet other students by playing tournaments against other schools. This would help to provide a sense of inclusions and promote health and wellbeing, allowing for the development using their hands and arms for a functional, fun activity.

The school have purchased their Boccia equipment, mixing in some sensory balls and skittles so the young people could practice rolling. The students have already set up a team and been to another school to play. The teacher said this was great at children at SEN schools don’t often get the opportunity to mix with other schools. The young people did not want to put the Boccia equipment away at the end of the day!

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A young wheelchair user waters a flower bed. He is with a group of three other young children who are watching on

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