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Kidz' Stories

Charlotte's Story

“From the bottom of my heart thank you to Whizz-Kidz and all who support them. I can’t thank everyone enough for what they have done" - Jessica, Charlotte's Mum

Whizz-Kidz Team
Whizz-Kidz Team

2-year-old Charlotte is a really happy and artistic kid who loves drawing and playing with sand, water, and her toys.

Charlotte has Spina Bifida, arrested hydrocephalus, hip dyspraxia, slight cerebral palsy and needs oxygen at night.

This means she won’t be able to walk, making it hard for her to start nursery and make friends.

Charlotte’s Mum, Jessica, was told by her local service that she wasn’t eligible to receive a wheelchair until Charlotte turned 6 years old.

“I looked and considered buying a wheelchair myself but I physically couldn’t afford one, so when Whizz-Kidz said they could help us I actually cried I was so happy!”

Charlotte self propelling in her manual wheelchair and whizzing around outdoors

"Charlotte has also started nursery which she loves, there is already a little girl who she waves to at the door and the girl shouts “Charlotte’s here” when Charlotte arrives. She loves seeing Charlotte which is so lovely to see."

“We always do evening walks with the kids or go for bike rides and she can now be included, it’s so much better for her and gives her the independence she needs. She giggles when people walk by now and waves to them which makes her happy."

Charlotte and her family on a walk

"This wheelchair will give Charlotte her childhood back! Without Whizz-Kidz we wouldn’t have had that."

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