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Kidz' Stories

Zach's Story

"I feel much happier now I have my new chair. It makes me feel safe when I'm playing with my friends'' - Zach

Whizz-Kidz Team
Whizz-Kidz Team

Zach was one of the children who received a Whizz-Kidz wheelchair to their door in a remote handover.

We supplied the family with all the equipment and tools they needed and scheduled follow-up sessions with our therapists on Zoom to ensure they were good to go.

Zach's mum, Samantha, said: "Zach was really excited to receive his chair and couldn't wait to try it out.

"It was fun doing the handover via Zoom, we had lots of laughs with our Mobility Therapist, Sarah, the support was great.

Zach opens a box containing his new Whizz-Kidz wheelchair

Mum Samantha helps fit Zach's new wheelchair in a remote handover

"I thought it was brilliant that Whizz-Kidz could still offer their services during the pandemic.

"Whizz-Kidz has given Zach more independence as he is much more confident in his chair.

"He was able to get around much easier and had much better posture.

"I was so happy for Zach and he was happy to show it off to his friends at school."

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