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Wheelchair Skills

Manual Wheelchair Skills - Turning 180 and 360 Degrees

In this video Stephen shows how to turn in a manual wheelchair, using a clock face for reference points.

Whizz Kidz Team
Whizz Kidz Team

Before you start, take a look at this health and safety checklist:

  • Check you are comfortable in your chair – sit up straight if you can, try not to slouch
  • Bottom in the back of the chair,
  • Brakes on,
  • Seatbelt on,
  • Feet on foot plate,
  • Anti-tip bar down if possible,
  • Keep an eye on your fingers – so not to catch them in your brakes or wheels
  • Check surroundings – have you got plenty of space? / What obstacles do you need to avoid? / Have you got an adult on hand if you need one?